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You can turn to Fabrication Associates, Inc. for the design and / or fabrication of virtually any platform or component, including handrails, ladders, ladder cages, platforms, and platform components.


Your pieces can be custom built and trial fitted to most projects before leaving our facility to ensure a perfect fit between your vessel and its components during assembly in the field or in your plant.

You have many options

You can have your platforms and ladders custom built and then hot-dipped galvanized or coated after fabrication to ensure complete coverage of each part before shipping or final assembly. This results in the best quality possible.

Custom solutions for your needs

You can have components manufactured to meet your requirements. Your options include rails, steps, ladders, toe boards, self-closing gates, and platforms. We can even meet your own safety codes.


Work with Fabricated Associates, Inc. to have large and small pieces formed as either individual parts or fitted and welded together into components that will meet most of the needs or requirements. From pressure vessels to ductwork, artwork, and home construction, you can expect an incredible high-quality of workmanship.


You can even have screws or flights manufactured to meet your needs, in a wide range of sizes and materials.

Many cone shapes available

You have many options in cones: round to round, rectangle to rectangle, ellipse to ellipse, and oblong to oblong. Almost any combination of these shapes can be manufactured by us, whether concentric or eccentric with up to 2 offsets and / or angles.

Meet rigid code requirements with ease

Your cones can be made from a large variety of material types and thicknesses. Computer software layout of your shapes, plus trade experienced employees working on your project, help control the rigid code requirements for fit-up of shells.


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